Re: MFJ Dropping out of KISS mode...


N8DEU, Tim and WF5X Randy:

Thanks for the replies. I just talked to MFJ on the phone. (Before I opened my e-mail) They confirmed that I need a different EEPROM (or re-flash).

I was impressed that they would take time for me with my antique TNC. I have an OT2m on order from Argent, That should solve the problem. I was just trying to get going while I wait for Scott to build it.

This old TNC is getting a bit long in the tooth. I'm unlikely to spend any $ to update it, especially since I have the OT2 coming anyway. It'll still work just fine for regular packet, and I can use it to monitor the local packet channel. I even have a similarly antique desk top computer that'll be just right to go with it.

I think I saw something in the wiki where I can set an APRSIS-32 parameter to restart the TNC link every X minutes. That might be a work around until my OT2 gets here.

Lynn won't toot his own horn, so I'll toot it for him. He has been helping me off list as we sort this thing out. He asked me to upload logs to him from my incident of APRSIS32, and that was how he diagnosed my TNC problem.

Lynn, you're a prince, Thanks

73' KC8SFQ,  Ron

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