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Fred Hillhouse

The tile server data for MidnightCommand and RedAlert has been changed to allow for better band width I think. There a re now four servers, a-d available now. This is my setting to fetch from the b server. [Note to WIKI editor, this might be addressed at some point.]
Check this site:
There are several styles available. You can see them by clicking on Edit Map Style. I don't know what all can be done, but if you play around with the map editing, you might be able to create what you need. And, once you are done, they can be rendered and downloaded. And you can share!
I bet zoom level 4 and 5 would be too distant form town names. I can see most of the US at level 5. Even level 10 has about a 40 mile circle on my monitor.
Make an object for the area and we can easily find it.
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Fred, N7FMH

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Thanks, James,

Next question is how to communicate between two instances without going through the internet to the main servers. What I am after here is running one instance zoomed out to show a section of the race course and one zoomed in so I can precisely position the leader to a specific location.

Next, next question is how to mark a route that the cyclists will be following. Maybe this is through an overlay?

I did find another answer to my question about maps being bolder - change the transparency using the right/left arrows. I am reading the Wiki!  Now to find a map server that gives me maps with a little more details, like town names, at about level 4 or 5 zoom.

Just FYI, this is for an Ironman competition in The Woodlands, TX this Saturday. We are monitoring the bike riders through a section of a national forest where cell coverage is very spotty. This is the first year for the event.

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> Is there a way to manually place an object on the map showing, say, the
> leader of a cycling event. Then move that object as reports are received?

Yes... right click on the spot that you want to put the object, and
then select the last item on the pop up dialog that lists the lat/long
of the spot you just selected. From that submenu, select create object
here, and fill in the appropriate details.

Use a similar technique to move the object... right click on the new
spot for the object, select the last item (lat/long), and the select
move xxxxx here, where xxxxx is the name of the object you just


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