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I see, Manual Position Rwporting System LOL!! Google led me up the garden path...

Moppe Position Reporting System just looks like a hack to get the surplus Nokia R58 radios to send APRS-like packets. However, the TNCs in the radios don't support AX25, so they've defined a protocol similar to APRS that the radios can support. I guess they would set up I-Gates that can parse the MPRS packets and translate them into a format suitable for injection into an APRS-IS server. But then this all a red herring.

BTW, my own system isn't very interesting, just standard APRSIS/W32 with AGWPE and sound card interface hooked up to a 2m mobile rig. Fun to play with :-)


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MPRS - Manual Position Reporting System
We use our voice to announce our positions and events at them occasion for those without APRS.
Now I have to look up what you found.
Can you describe your system more? The more information, the better.
Best regards,
Fred, N7FMH

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And yet another way is to use MPRS. There is no de-sense with it at all.

I've never heard of MPRS. I found the following link:

Is this what you are referring to? 

It seems to be a variant of the ARPS protocol designed to work with Nokia R58 commercial radios on the 80MHz band. Is the reason for no desense because the radio is not operating on the 2m band? 80MHz is not an amateur band in Australia, it would need to be modified for 2M or 6M to be legal. How is it in your country?

73 de Matt VK2ACL

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