Re: PocketPC 2003 SE revisited


That would be great to be able to use these old Ipaq or similar devices, as you said David, these usually have the serial connection.
Idea is to have a portable APRS station with one of those devices running aprsisce connected to a small TNC and a HT.
Excellent for tactical use in mobile. We can view APRS position and receive/send messages.
Just have to wait for the windows 2003 version, so I can start building that portable station

73, IW2EJH

--- In, "ve7mdt" <ve7mdt@...> wrote:

That would be so great! Frugal hams rejoice! :-) . Got a e805 around here as well.

(correction) Yes, it should be called Windows Mobile 2003 SE (PocketPC is for 2002 and before), I don't know why M$ kept changing the names: Windows CE, Palm PC (but cancelled due to treat of lawsuit from Palm), Handheld PC, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone (I guess no more devices on 7 platform without a phone?).

I digress.

That would be great. Some apps still support 2003, such as Sling Player Mobile, it works with my e830 very well.

One interesting note about older devices is that many have either serial port, or serial port capable, or can add serial port via Compact Flash adapter, or USB-serial adapter. Newer devices will have to use a Bluetooth Serial adapter on the other side to get serial I/O functionality. I am still trying to find a low price on those Bluetooth to Serial adapter.

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Sometime I'll have to see about building an APRSISCEPPC built for
PocketPC 2003. Watch the group and see if it comes around. It will
probably be missing some features that rely on Windows Mobile, but we
should be able to put something together that runs.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

iw2ejh wrote:
I got the same error on my Ipaq RZ1715 (Processor is a Samsung S3C2410) with Windows Mobile 2003 SE
version is 4.21.1088 (Build 14132)


--- In, "ve7mdt" <ve7mdt@> wrote:

Sorry I have been away so I haven't got to do the test as promised. Tonight I just downloaded the latest (march 25 release) version and attempted to install on a clean Toshiba e830 running PocketPC 2003 SE (Second Edition). The result is:

"APRSISCE6P" is not a valid Pocket PC application.

So it won't run (at least not this version). I guess it must be Windows Mobile 5.0 or above then. (I also own 2 devices running 6.5 and 6.0 so I will try those, although I have always been curious if I can use those old devices as they are quite nice, but sitting around doing very little these days).

Thanks Lynn for such a great passion and effort into the contributing to all hams.



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