Re: wake up from battery save mode

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Thanks for doing the research! Please keep us posted, I'm sure it will
interest all of us. I'm especially interested for when I go mobile
walking without my normal external charger pack to keep the phone happy
for 6-8 hours.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

n1kcg wrote:

Did some more testing of the configuration on my WM6 cellphone. Right mow am leaning towards useing the application S2U2 as a power saver and sleep tool; while using APRSISCE. The latest version of S2U2 has an exceptions list. If I put APRSISCE on the exceptions list the S2U2 will never start in, and APRSISCE keeps running regardless of battery power levels.

Of course all battery power saver startup routines are disabled at all times now. Will keep investigating.

--- In, "ae5pl" <pete@...> wrote:

I am wondering if there is a way to keep the application active even in battery saver mode... There are some apps that seem to run regardless (Bing, Google Maps, ActiveSync, etc. I would be very interested if there is a way to "mark" the app as always active. I will do some looking through my development stuff on this as well.


Pete AE5PL

--- In, "n1kcg" <ktjensen@> wrote:

Lynn - thanks for a great application. I am looking for some kind of utility that would wake up the phone from battery saver mode, to allow a beacon of my position.

since phones naturally want to go to battery save mode, there must be some application that will bring my data connection up, activate aprsisce and then put the phone back to sleep. maybe once every five, ten or twenty minutes; assuming i am on battery power,and assuming i have a data connection.

alternatively, wondering if the aprs protocol would allow a mobile station to record its position versus time; and then upload the data when a data connection is re-established. does aprs protocol allow that?

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