Re: Metric system

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Anton wrote:
Is it possible to switch units to metric system?
I'll add that one to the list. Currently it's very US-centric.
I'm also change path for cached OSM maps to storage card in xml, is it possible to make this directly in menu in next version?
That is already on the list, but I'm glad you found the .XML
configuration file and got it changed. The OSM directory currently
grows and grows without upper bound. A future version will track usage
of the cached tiles and delete ones that have not been referenced for
some configurable time period. I'm also planning to provide some
visibility to how many tiles at the various zoom levels are in the cache
and how much space they occupy.
Also is missing for me possibility for free moving on map (like google maps on wm) without restrictions on aprs station.

That is actually the top of the list, but I really need to manage the
OSM cache before I do this one. When you can drag around the map, you
can really buffer a BUNCH of OSM tiles. My phone currently has over
300MB of cached tiles (yes, mine is on the SD card also).
Aprsisce seems by great plug and play program on wm for novice and lazy nonradio aprs hams like me :) In Slovakia we have problems with only few Radio gate, therefore is only few people on aprs and aprsisce seems to be way for expansion aprs in Slovakia... I play little bit also with aprsce / AGW CE and aprsisce is very easy for setting and using for me.

Thanks for the compliments. I'm striving to keep it simple to use, yet
powerful enough to cover anything most people would want to do.
Sorry for my English, i don't have problem with reading, but with writing something :)

The goal of any language is communication and you have succeeded in
doing that. Thank you for the response and the suggestions!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile

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