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Here's what's new in

20) Sending an APRS message that starts with ? will suppress the request
for an ack. This seems to be necessary to talk to some servers. If you
need an ack on a ? message (like sending ? to CQSERV), enter it as
<space>? and the ack will be requested.
As you probably know, an unnumbered message that starts with a ? is considered a directed query (see the Queries section of the APRS spec). A numbered message's text is not mapped to anything within the spec.

You might have a separate Query entry (could allow generic queries as well although those are blocked on APRS-IS due to the sheer volume of responses) instead of melding them into your message form. Part of the reason for separate is because people tend to look for a response but many queries result in posits or status packets being sent which won't show up in a message window. Just a thought.


Pete AE5PL

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