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I can see having your home station message your mobile as to when a pass is coming as useful. Julian G4ILO runs a service for his local area via ANSRVR which is really handy even for me who lives a couple of hundred miles away. (it does not look to see where you are)

Having your home system calculate for your mobile and send a message would be good. And would be handy for non APRS satellites as well.

It would be good as a server, but I think a bit processor hungry. Keeping track of multiple Satellites and calculating for multiple users.

But the ability for your home system to keep track of you and then send a message to your mobile system that you have a usable sat pass coming up, be it a voice or aprs sat would be pretty cool.

A message containing the AOS time, max elevation and LOS time with some azimuth info.

I could see some non APRS users, who use sats, getting into APRS for that ability. Especially if the option to tune the radio is included as well, like can be done for repeaters, I don’t think tuning for Doppler would be a possibility


Cool idea





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Having the relevant satellite objects show up on the mobile (D7?0)
screen is very cool and useful. Even more so when it's announcing an
upcoming workable ISS pass. We've used Digi_ned for this for years
and I hope to have it running here again real soon now. A summary of
the digi_ned info can be found at

Bill - WA7NWP

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