Re: PKTOCOM Successful

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Yeah, your recent track looks like you were trying to be a Big Wheel!

I can only imagine what my neighbors used to think when I was just getting APRSISCE working. It would inevitably be night time when I was working on it. I'd get it working (or so I thought) and go strolling down my driveway with my cellphone lighting up my face. I'd run a bit, walk a bit, stop suddenly, weave back and forth across the road, turn corners, and jog the block (yes, this was all on FOOT) all while staring into my phone and sometimes clicking on it with the stylus.

Glad it works. And I didn't have to do any code! However, I am going to keep the task on my list to sometime interpret the waypoint NMEA packets, not sure why, but it sounds like a cool thing to do!

Thanks for testing it and confirming it. Now I just have to turn KJ4OVR onto it with his mobile TT4!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

K3RWN wrote:

FOUND IT! I KNEW I had asked for a feature in the TT4 for this purpose. You want to run the TT4 in KISS mode and turn PKTOCOM to True!

Every packet generated by the TT4 will be sent to the KISS port "as if it were received from outside"! THAT will put your station reliably on the APRSISCE/32 map!

SUCCESS! PKTOCOM works like a champ every turn. Now I just have to
hope my neighbors do not think I have lost my mind driving in circles. (LOL)

Thanks again


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