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Lynn Deffenbaugh


I keep APRSISCE up and running on my AT&T Tilt phone 24x7 as KJ4ERJ-12 and have never seen this issue. Do you have your OSMTiles on the main memory or on an SD card? If you double-click an empty space on the map, it will show you the memory consumed by them as well as the path to the tile cache directory tree.

Also, what Range and other additional filters are you running? If you're receiving LOTS of stations, it will affect memory consumption over time as the stations AND the mobile's tracks are accumulated. If you double-click the skinny bars on the left side of the right edge of the screen, it will show you the number of stations and memory consumed by their tracks.

My phone client has been up for 5 hours now (Bring up the Station Popup on Me, the timestamp near the bottom is when you started running the client) and it has the following stats:

Using 398 of 512 stations (yes, I increased the limit in my .XML file)
Age 80 to 180 Minutes (a feature from the next release)
86/96 Track Points (3Kb) (That's my own track)
1851/3744 Total Points (117Kb) (That's ALL tracks)
(394 Dupes, 21 Inv) (Sometime I'll document what these are once I make them more useful).

My OSMTile stats are Total: 10595 87.46MB, but I have them stored on a Storage Card, so that doesn't impact my main memory.

If you bring up Start / Settings / System / Memory, what does it tell you about Storage and Program? Does that number decrease over time faster than the other numbers in APRSISCE increase? Mine says:

Storage Program
Total: 124.91MB 101.38MB
In use: 57.41MB 71.49MB
Free: 67.51MB 29.89MB (dropped to 29.88 while I watched!)

As you can imagine, if I had my 87.46MB of OSM Tiles in the main memory, I'd be hurting!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Bradley Haney wrote:

Is anyone having trouble. With their windows mobile device coming up with a screen saying that it is running. Low on memory and. It asks u which program you want to close to free up memory? The only app I have running on mine is the aprsisce. And the internal gps. This only happens if I run the program. For a long period of time. Like for over 8 hours. Just wondering

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