Re: New Self-Updating Version Available!

Gary Sanders

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh wrote:
If you close the client while still Await()ing a station to track, it
remembers that on restart. If the station you were tracking exceeds
MaxAge and disappears, the client will go back to Await(XXXXX-NN)
Thanks very much for adding this - it appears to work as advertised, and will help immensely.

I do still have one odd problem, and to be honest I don't know if it's an issue in the program or something unique to my specific (admittedly odd) setup.

If I have the program set to Locked track my car (WB0BZR-12), and then leave the computer running overnight, odds are pretty strong that when I check it in the morning it will be actually tracking another random station in the local area. The bottom of the circle will indicate "Track(WB4XYZ-10)". The "Tracking.Call" parameter in the XML file still shows WB0BZR-12.

This behavior is not new to this release - I also noticed it in the last release.

According to, my car isn't reliably sending hourly positions overnight, because I have some kind if intermittent problem with it. It appears that there was a four or five hour period when no positions were sent. Don't know if this matters.

Also, I mentioned that I have an odd setup. Aprsisce32 is running on an HP T5720 Thin Client, which uses XPe. The program seems to run fine on it, and seems to also be responsive. (It's a 1000 mHz cpu).

If you're familiar with the HP T57XX series, you know they store everything in, and boot from, a flash drive, and load needed program data into a ram disk at boot. Any changes are lost upon reboot, UNLESS the system is specifically told by the user to save the current changes to flash. That's how I install a new version of aprsisce - install to ram disk (It's even called C:!), run the program in case the XML is changed, then commit the changes to flash drive. Also, after looking at new areas of the map in detail, I'll commit the tiles to flash, so the system doesn't have to download them every time.

The implications are obvious - any changes to the XML file are going to be lost at shutdown unless I specifically save them. However, as long as the computer is powered up, any changes should still be valid because they are on the ram disk, and the computer doesn't know the difference between ram disk and flash from an operational perspective.

One other implication - When the computer is shut down and restarted, it will automatically return to tracking (or awaiting) my car, because the last time the XML file was saved to flash, the program was tracking it.

One thing to keep in mind - The behavior I'm seeing happens when the computer is left powered on and tracking my car. It's on a UPS system, so I don't believe it lost power overnight. If I start it in the evening, it's locked tracking or awaiting WB0BZR-12. In the morning it's tracking a different local station.

So in summary, I honestly don't know if the behavior I'm seeing is related to the program or my weird computer.

Gary Sanders

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