New Self-Updating Version Available!

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Here it is, a new release that makes new releases easier! The About dialog box now checks a web server for new versions and offers to download them directly to your phone or PC! It even preserves the existing .EXE under a dated name! However, to get this functionality, you have to download this version the old way, via the Yahoo Group's Files section.

Even better, as long as APRS-IS is enabled, the client will periodically (every 2 days by default) check the server for a new version and will send itself an APRS message announcing the availability. If you don't bring up About and download it, another reminder APRS message will be self-sent every 7 days. If yet another new version becomes available, the cycle starts all over again.

What else is new? I'm glad you asked!

Pending messages now automatically trigger another retry set when a beacon is heard from the intended recipient. The pending message popup box also changes from seconds, to minutes, to hours, or even days ago!

If you close the client while still Await()ing a station to track, it remembers that on restart. If the station you were tracking exceeds MaxAge and disappears, the client will go back to Await(XXXXX-NN) automatically.

OSMPaths are no longer truncated, so you can use any (reasonable) length path and it should be able to put the zoom/x/y.png tree below it.

Position Ambiguity is now displayed in station popups and a View / Ambiguous allows filtering to see only those stations with ambiguity set. On Win32, if you zoom in on such a station, a purplish circle shows the ambiguity specified by the station (0.1 1.0 10.0 or 60.0 nautical miles).

On Win32 only, the station popup displays the hourly packet counts received from IS, RF, or both for the past 8 hours. In addition, you can send ?APRSH to either version to get a list of recently heard stations on RF. Win32 also supports ?APRSH XXXXX-NN to return the hourly packet counts for that station as heard by that station.

Mic-E message text is parsed and displayed in the Station Popup as Mic-E xxxx). Note that the station popup MIGHT be getting too tall on Windows Mobile. If so, this will be addressed in some future release.

?APRSM from a station will cause all pending messages for the sending station to be re-queued for transmission. A response is sent indicating how many messages were requeued.

?APRSV or ?VER will return the client's timestamp (version) string.

Rel: and Pos: in the station popup have been changed to Ctr: and ME: and show distance and bearing FROM the queried station TO either the center or My coordinates.

Enjoy! Eventually I'll get back to working down the ToDo list instead of chasing other rainbows!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS. Here's the LONG list of changes.... The ToDo list is still downloadable in a .TXT file from Yahoo.

Exhausted retry message display now will do seconds, minutes, hours, or days ago (exactly how long IS 468 minutes? 7.8 hours makes more sense.)

If an Await(XXXX-N) station is not discovered before closing the client, don't forget to keep waiting for the station on restart. (Gary WB0BZR) (Dave N8PU)

Fix OSMPath length so that it doesn't truncate for "reasonable" length directory paths (James VE6SRV)

Put a progress bar on fetching non-tile data (Addresses and Updated .EXEs)

Change APRSISCE progname (reported to APRS-IS server) to APRSISCE6P to match .EXE name and provide room for additional CE builds if necessary.

The About dialog box checks for, confirms, and downloads .EXE updates if Internet-connected. It will say "Current Version Verified" if it checked and you are already running the latest. No longer necessary to download .ZIP and copy .EXEs. Original .EXE is saved under a release date name.

Additionally, if APRS-IS is enabled, the program will periodically check for new versions and send itself an APRS message when one is available. Default is to check every 2 days with additional reminders every 7 days. For the REALLY brave, you can set <Update.Development> to 1 to get my incremental development builds (note that these may be COMPLETELY broken at times).

If a tracking station exceeds the MaxAge, change from Track(XXXXX-N) to Await(XXXXX-N) and retain across process restarts. This works best with Screen / Tracking / Locked.

Add Hours and Days to how long ago a Pending Message was retried. Also add "Second" to the active retries if Retriggered by a newly received packet.

Preserve Await(XXXXX-N) status across restarts, even if the station had not been heard yet.

Support $GPVTG sentence from Delorme's Bluetooth GPS (Speed-only)

Support View / Ambiguous to show only stations that are using ambiguity in their beaconed position

Draw a purplish circle at the range of an ambiguously positioned station. Also, put the station 1/2 into the ambiguous region (latitude only) like (However, also moves the longitude, I don't per spec) (Circles on Win32 for performance reasons)

Add an Hourly packet count to Station Popup, differentiating between RF (only), IS (only), and I+R (both) (Win32 only for vertical size restrictions)

Support ?APRSH to send back an RF-heard station list. ?APRSH <station> will send back the hourly packet counts heard from that station (both RF and IS) (Win32 only for memory considerations, although you can send the message from CE)

Parse Mic-E message text and display in Station Popup (Mic-E: xxxx) if known for a station

Deal with stations that put spaces after their ackxxxx or rejxxxx message (N4GVA-2 in CONV mode!)

Handle a ?APRSM query by re-initiating retries for all messages for the sending station. A response is sent with the requeued message count.

Handle a ?APRSV or ?VER query by sending back the client's timestamp (version) string

Change ?APRS to ?APRS? to initiate a remotely-triggered forced Transmit (only if Tracking is enabled)

Change Rel: and Pos: to Ctr: (Center) and ME: (Me) for relative position information in station popup. Bearing is now FROM the station TO either the center or My coordinates. (Win32 displays all, Mobile displays 1).

Display "Ambiguity: NNN nm" in the popup if station is using ambiguity. On Mobile, this trumps teh Ctr: and/or ME: lines in the station popup.

Lat/Lon grid on blank "map" screen if you fade the OSM to nothing it displays 10 degree lines (Sailor Dave KO4MI)

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