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In it’s basic form a TNC-X is a KISS only TNC and uses TAPR TNC2 commands, it can however have modules installed to turn it into a digi. Or tracker.

So no commands are required at startup for the basic TNC-X.

If you have the X-digi module installed then anything sent over the serial or usb port within 20 seconds of power up will put the module into config mode, for the X-tracker module CTR-C will put into config mode.

Assuming no modules installed then you don’t need to send any commands to it I use the following












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Can you post the structure, or even just the s that drive the TNC-X?  Just for completeness.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 2/27/2011 11:20 AM, Steve Daniels wrote:

I am using a TNC-X on both XP and 7 x64 and have had no problems, have not needed to make any TNC-X specific changes to the XML. I swapped from a TNC2KISS on one machine and only need to change the com port.

That’s not much help I know, but APRSIS32 and the TNC-X definitely work ok together.





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  Just some more info.  I got the D72A to work fully with UI-View and APRSIS32 in

a native XP system.  APRSIS32 is with the D710pkt settings of course and UI-View

is under simply KISS mode.  I tried getting the TNC-X to transmit with a straight USB  connection. Also tried through AGWPE and still wouldn't transmit. Remember, receiving works with the TNC-X even though it won't transmit. 

This is maddening.  TNC-X works with Xastir under Linux fully but no transmitting with a native XP installation. Receive mode is working fine.  I don't have APRSIS32 in receive only mode either.  In that case, it shouldn't transmit with the D72A and it does.  UI-View works fully with the 72 and I had it set up for KISS mode and no fancy initialization changes.

So the UI-View install can transmit.


                                                          Kurt KC9LDH

--- On Sun, 2/27/11, Kurt Savegnago wrote:

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Hi all,

Finally pulled out my XP drive for my laptop which I haven't done in a long time and tried APRSIS32 in a native XP system. I originally ran it with WINE under Linux and with the TNC-X I could receive fine but for some reason APRSIS32 wouldn't beacon even with transmitting selected. My D72A works fine with APRSIS32 under WINE/LINUX. I highly recommend it actually because the map redraws don't take so long. (Still can't get the D7A(g) to transmit though.) :-(
With the packets coming in, things get read perfectly. I've enclosed
a logfile below. I have three interface jacks in my TNC-X. One for Kenwoods and one for ICOM/Alinco H/T's so the lines run to the mic and phnone jacks. The receive line on the TNC-X is for the earphone and since KW's and ICOM use different keying, I have a separate mic jack for each type. The really, really weird thing is Xastir under Linux
works perfectly with the TNC-X, D7A(g) and the D72A. Perfectly, I mean full transmit and receive capabilities. With APRSIS32 I can only get
full transmit and receive with the D72A. (in WINE/Linux the 72 should work if I chose to run it under XP)
I gotta look at the initialization files from Xastir for KISS and see if I can figure out what the deal is. Maybe have to edit the .XML file?
Anyone running a TNC-X and did it take any editing of the .XML file to get it to transmit properly? If not, I'm being screwed by a gremlin here! :-)
Oh well, I've mentioned before I like to track amateur rockets so having a good receive side is all that matters for that. This transmitting thing is a challenge that would be satisfying to resolve....... I don't do crossword puzzles so I like a good problem that is just beyond my range of intelligence to tackle. :-)


Remember, this is from APRSIS32 in a native XP environment:

WinMain:2011-02-27T13:12:13.687 Restore Saved Enable
WinMain:2011-02-27T13:12:13.828 Starting TNC-X
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.828 CpReader Running on COM8:9600,N,8,1 (6 OpenCmds, 4 CloseCmds)
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.828 Opening COM8:9600,N,8,1
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.828 Opening COM8 with 4 Args
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:Packet Length 64 Version 2
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:ServiceMask 0x1 Reserved1 0x0
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:MaxQueue Tx 0 Rx 0 Baud 268435456
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:Provider SubType 1 Capabilities 0xFF
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:Settable Params 127 Baud 0x10066B70 Data 0xC StopParity 0x1F05
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:Current Queue Tx 0 Rx 4096
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.875 COM8:Provider Specifics 0x0 0x0
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.890 CpOpen:Port COM8 9600,N,8,1 !CTSFlow !DSRFlow !OutXon(2048) !InXoff(512) DTR_ENABLE !DSRSense RTS_ENABLE
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.890 Opened COM8:9600,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 6 OpenCmds
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.890 Command[3]:^M~
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:13.890 Output[1]:<0D>
WinMain:2011-02-27T13:12:14.734 Queueing KC9LDH>APWW06,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:@131214h4034.65N\09002.27WOAPRS-IS for Win32
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:15.890 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~)
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:15.906 Command[3]:^M~
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:15.906 Output[1]:<0D>
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:17.906 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~)
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:17.906 Command[9]:XFLOW OFF
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:17.906 Output[10]:XFLOW OFF<0D>
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:19.906 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(XFLOW OFF)
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:19.906 Command[11]:FULLDUP OFF
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:19.906 Output[12]:FULLDUP OFF<0D>
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:21.906 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(FULLDUP OFF)
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:21.906 Command[7]:KISS ON
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:21.906 Output[8]:KISS ON<0D>
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:23.906 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(KISS ON)
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:23.906 Command[7]:RESTART
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:23.906 Output[8]:RESTART<0D>
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:24.531 Sent[77]:r<98 88 90>`b@bd@c<03 F0>@131214h4034.65N\09002.27WOAPRS-IS for Win32 TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:12:32.078 KISS:N9SVO-1>APOTC1,N9HWO*:!4036.24N/08931.95W_057/000g000t030P000b10118OD1w (119)
WinMain:2011-02-27T13:13:18.984 Queueing KC9LDH>APWW06,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:@131318h4034.65N\09002.27WOAPRS-IS for Win32
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:13:19.406 Sent[77]:`lr<98 88 90>`b@bd@c<03 F0>@131318h4034.65N\09002.27WOAPRS-IS for Win32
TNC-X:2011-02-27T13:13:46.890 KISS:N9SVO-9>APOT01,N9HWO*:!4038.72N/08933.81W_202/000g000t031OD1w (119)


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