Re: Different location on APRSIS32 and

Lynn Deffenbaugh

ae5pl wrote: computed the position as -35.18333 149.39999 which is 35 10.10S 149 24.00E The differences here could be rounding issues.
How did you get from -35.18333 to 35 10.10? 0.18333*60 = 10.9998 which would come out as either 35 10.99 or 35 11.00? Unless the -35.18333 was supposed to be -35.168333 (10.10/60=0.168333) and you dropped a 6 in the transribing?

I'm going to do a hand-conversion of the raw Mic-E string based on aprs101.pdf and see what I come up with. We've got two or three different interpretations of the same raw data at this point...

Thank you Pete, for confirming at least the raw packet contents. matches the raw packet (including the two 0x1c) that findu had and my parser comes up with the coordinates the were reported from APRSIS32, so we've got the "smoking gun" packet at least.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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