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jandgandjochem <vk2jng@...>

That is correct. Beacons were sent from Kenwood 710 as stated in my first message.

The locations for the beacons of the Kenwood 710 in and aprsis32 differ a fair bit.

I have emailed you a screen clip showing both the and APRSIS32 maps.

I did not have you email address but took it from aprssig.tapr.

Also sent a message to your call via APRS (-12)

If you did not receive the email with the attachement then pls email me.

I was not able to attach the file using Yahoo.


--- In, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@...> wrote:

I just looked at VK2JNG-12 raw packets and do not see any beacons that
originated from APRISCE or APRSIS32, only from the Kenwood in Mic-E.
Therefore we've got no guess as to where the client is showing you
relative to where is showing the Kenwood.

Are you running the two systems as the same -SSID? That's usually not a
good idea, but I suspect it is not the case here or we would see both
beacons in's raw packets.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

jandgandjochem wrote:
Hi all,
Just noticed that my location for VK2JNG-12 is showing different on the above mentioned maps.

Beacons are transmitted from the same 710 transceiver.


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