Re: Different location on APRSIS32 and

Lynn Deffenbaugh

James Ewen wrote:

There's no way to query on a station that isn't already on the map, is
there Lynn?
I support ?APRS as an APRS message, but all it does is pretend the user hit Transmit to force a beacon. If the user has Tracking disabled, ?APRS does nothing as I believe it should.

What do you think about putting in a station query dialog where I
could ask for the last known location of a station, and it would
center on that station's last known location, and give information
about when the station was last heard, etc?
That would be the Find Station option that's already on the list. My plan was to automatically bring that station to the center of the list. It won't start tracking it, but it will bring it to the center so that you can. If you're already tracking something else with tracking locked, it probably won't stay there long!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. If/When I get around to the "Custom Message Box" function, I can preset better options on the station popup as well, so I could have Find Station bring up the popup info box with options to Center, Track, Message, and who knows what else.

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