Re: Different location on APRSIS32 and

James Ewen

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 5:23 PM, jandgandjochem <> wrote:

Just noticed that my location for VK2JNG-12 is showing different
on the above mentioned maps.

Beacons are transmitted from the same 710 transceiver.
I guess the only one that might be able to comment on that is Lynn, or
someone who has been watching the full feed, or at least your area.

There's no way to query on a station that isn't already on the map, is
there Lynn?

I'm kind of stuck here... I'm looking at the same area that
shows you at, but if you don't show up there, or close by, then
there's no way to figure out where you are showing up.

What do you think about putting in a station query dialog where I
could ask for the last known location of a station, and it would
center on that station's last known location, and give information
about when the station was last heard, etc?


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