Re: Symbol for EchoLink

Lynn Deffenbaugh

If you currently have a grey filled circle, you must be using the alternate symbol table with a symbol of 0 (zero). If I understand correctly, you want an overlay of E on that circle which in most clients means that you specify a table of E with the symbol of 0 (zero). In APRSISCE/32, you'd specify a symbol of 0 (zero, ASCII value 48), check the Overlay radio button, and set the overlay to E (ASCII value 69). How you do it on a 710 is beyond me until I actually acquire one!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. One of these days I'll figure out how to have the spin buttons actually display the character instead of the ASCII values!

For symbol pictures, I usually refer to

jandgandjochem wrote:

To all,
I have my Kenwood 710 setup (under PM3) that it will work as an Echolink Node.
That way I can use my HT (50mW) on a simplex frequency and wander around the place and still have contact with other EchoLink operators.

The 710 is beaconing from the A-side including the IRLP/EchoLink synbol.

However, the symbol is just a grey filled circle and I would like to have the letter E in there to indicate Echolink. I have seen it on maps but I do not know how to get the letter E to come up inside the grey circle.

Can anyone advise.

P.S Sorry this question may be somewhat ot the subjects in this forum.


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