Re: TT4

Robin Williams <phonetech@...>

Hi Lynn,
I think I prefer it to show the station rather than the Digi.
I just had a look at my display (RF only) and it only shows the igate call.
If connected to the I/S it shows the station call and I would look at that
and then centre on a particular call.
Just my 10c worth.

(The scrolling station log is simply there to show that traffic is coming in
from the stations being displayed. The actual object name is placed on the
map and is also available if you click on a station in the scrolling display
to learn more about what it said, not just the fact that it said something.
I would have to say that what's most important to the observer isn't that
they heard about an object, but they'll scan the map to find the closest
antenna object and click it to get the details.)

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