Re: TT4

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Robin Williams wrote:
I have my laptop (zl3rew-8) hooked up to a TT4 running in kiss mode.
Seems to TX and RX fine.
The only issue is in the station pane on the left.
If a station is received via an iGate it shows the igate callsign not the stations callsign.
The stations appear on the map ok as normal.
Something i have done wrong?
I'm not sure what you mean "received via an iGate". Do you mean ones that were gated from -IS to RF by an iGate? The scrolling station display shows the fromCall of the actual received packet, be it from -IS or RF. In the case of an -IS to RF gated packet, the iGate is actually the sender that you received. The originator of the packet is contained behind the 3rd party header. It will show properly both in the popup and on the map.

I intended the scrolling log to be a snapshot of the station's you're actually hearing. The * means you've heard THAT station via RF, not necessarily the packet originator which could become very misleading if I'd put a * beside that callsign. You'd think you've gotten some extreme DX reception via RF.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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