Re: TM-D710 support

James Ewen

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 1:22 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh <> wrote:

No, I'll see what I can do about having an interleaved GPS/TEXT mode
port.  Do you know if the D710 will transmit any packets that I supply?
I'm suspecting not since it's in CMD mode.  And I assume that if I
change it to KISS, the GPS data quits coming out.  Maybe I'll call it a
D7x0 port...
I don't believe you can easily feed packets back at the D710 in that
mode. Kai made a wedge that would allow you to run UI-View attached in
this configuration, I think... I have to do more digging back in the

I'll have to play for a while to learn more about putting the unit
into KISS mode, and what data is presented out the port.

The reason for my interest in this type of operation is to be able to
have an enhanced D710 display. The D710 does a pretty good job all by
itself. There are a few things that I would like to see added into it
to make it better, but that means convincing Kenwood of the usefulness
of the enhancement, and then getting them to add the functions into
the firmware.

I believe the D710 has to be in APRS mode to send $KWDWPL strings to
the GPS, which puts the APRS icons on the GPS. Putting the D710 into
KISS mode means that all the smarts in the D710 are turned off. We
lose the GPS attached to the D710, and no icons are passed to the GPS.

Adding APRSISCE/32 onto the com port of the D710 would allow the D710
to do everything that it currently does, but also gives additional
features, such as using the OSM map, tracking of stations, and
hopefully viewing of the raw packets. (I'm not sure why so many client
authors think that raw packets contain no useful information... the
path information is very useful in observing the health of the APRS

As for relaying a reconstructed $GPRMC out another port, I'll have to
think on that one.  In the UI-View function, did it ignore incoming data
on that port or do something with it.  And how did the data get into the
other programs?  Were you running one of the virtual serial port drivers
that provided a loop-back?
I don't know if it would do anything with incoming data. Most likely
not, but I never tried sending data back. Most other applications are
RX only. Not many applications send information back to the GPS in
real time like APRS. I sent the data to a virtual serial port driver,
which looped back to the other application.


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