Re: Feature Set Request - self awareness

Fred Hillhouse

Broncus wrote:
My location (determined by GPS) - something other than the ICON in
A simple dot would suffice.
This could go hand-in-hand with one I just put on the list which was to
make the
"Me" icon completely disappear. Maybe I'll add a configuration for a
"local display"
symbol which can be blank to be gone and otherwise configured as you
including your suggested simple dot. I could also add a "Me" (and/or
scale factor which will increase (+) or shrink (-) the size of the "Me"
or tracked
station making it disappear or become more visible. Good idea!
I figure that if I am centered on the GPS position, then it must be ME at
the center too.

I think one of the APRS symbols is a dot. I would have to check. That would

Of course a line depicting direction of travel (GPS base information) would
be useful to. Actually, when hunting a Geocache I found that useful. There
are a couple of PDA based applications (CetusGPS and GeoNiche) that provided
just a point and a short line (half the range circle).

Display my returned beacon with the ICON. The T2 sends my returned beacon
to the GPS but I am thinking to remove my current GPS and replace it with a
mouse type and leave all the display functions up to APRSIS32.

I'm not clear on what this one means. Can you elaborate a bit more?
My system is a T2, GPS, radio, and of late, added APRSIS/32. But prior to
adding /32, I could see my own "digi echoed" symbol on the GPS display and
on the T2 LCD. That means I can see where my beacon did a complete 'out and

T2, GPS, radio (N7FMH-9)
APRSIS/32 = N7FMH-12

Is "returned beacon" hearing your own beacon digipeated?

That will put a * beside your name in the scrolling station list. Boxes
the icon in the scrolling station list (subtle) mean that the station was
direct via an RF channel.
I saw that, but where was it received? I have to look at the GPS to see
N7FMH-12. I do see N7FMH-9 on the GPS even though the T2 sent it out.
Basically I think that all received position beacons should be on the map
(with a exception for any filtered out).

Not sure what the GPS has to do with this request, either. And who would
getting the mouse-type GPS, the T2 or APRSIS32?
Either or both, depends on how I want to re-allocate resources. Basically, I
am missing some satellite information because of how I have things wired and
if there is a laptop running then I really don't need a display on the GPS
which means the GPS can be a mouse type.

A question, is the self tracking with the little square where a beacon was
generated? If not, that could be useful.
Yes, the little squares are drawn at the actual points where beacons were
generated (or received if you're tracking someone else). I only draw a few
of the most recent points for display performance considerations.

I thought that might be what I was seeing. Cool! Although, an option to turn
them all on might be useful to tune beacon settings. That is mostly what
drove the question.

Best regards,

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