Re: TM-D710 support

Lynn Deffenbaugh


If you put the D710 into Converse mode, do the monitor and GPS packets continue to come out? That should eliminate the CMD: prompt and allow APRSISCE/32 to transmit beacons, messages, and telemetry.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

James Ewen wrote:


I have finally found some time to sit and contemplate, while sitting
in my truck with the AvMap G5 and Kenwood TM-D710 staring at me.

I pulled out my interface cable, and slapped it into the D710 control
head. I have the D710 configured to spit out copies of the APRS
information received through the com port. Using Teraterm, I captured
a few packets...

The D710 forwards the current GPS information out the port constantly,
but in a $PKWDPOS string rather than the usual RMC, GGA, or GLL

I believe this is how it breaks down...


185227 : time 6:52:27 PM

A : Valid Satellite fix

4142.9135 : 41 degrees 42.9135 minutes

N : North

08743.6903 : 87 degrees 43.6903 minutes

W : West

0.0 : 0 knots

295 : heading WNW

160208 : 16th February, 2008

163.9 : Altitude (metres)

*10 : Checksum
Interleaved into the GPS data is the actual APRS data...

Below is a capture of some data while I sat still. I had my D7 send a
couple packets to show the APRS data interleaved. After an APRS packet
is displayed, the cmd: prompt pops up.

VE6SRV-7>UVTVSW,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2:''5 l [/>


VE6SRV-7>UVTVSW,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2:''5 l [/>


I also had to enable incoming CR+LF in Teraterm to get the display to
scroll. I would guess that the lines only end in <CR>, with no <LF>

If APRSISCE could digest the $PKWDPOS GPS data, I could run the
program hanging off the D710's com port, and use it as an alternate
supplementary display without needing to disable the APRS software in
the D710, and run in KISS mode. What do you think about supporting
that mode? Kai on the D710 forum has some in depth knowledge of the
communications out the back of the D710 control head.

Also, another thing that UI-View could do that was handy, was to strip
the GPS information out of the incoming mixed GPS/APRS streams from
the Kenwoods, and send pseudo GPS strings out another port. I would
daisy chain UI-View into other programs such as Net Stumbler, or
RadioMobile. These programs both want location information internally,
and being able to daisy chain them onto UI-View was great, as I got to
use both UI-View and the other program concurrently, sharing the GPS
data being passed through the D710. I believe UI-View recreated the
$GPRMC string from the data available.


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