Re: What is the best way to install an updated version of APRSIS32

Lynn Deffenbaugh

jandgandjochem wrote:
Straight over the top of what is already there or does one have to delete any previous files?

Just download the .ZIP, unzip it, close the client, copy the .EXE in, and fire it back up. Smiple.

The next revision will have an on-line way to download and apply an update if you have APRS-IS enabled and have an Internet connection. Simply pulling up About will tell you if you have the latest or will offer to download the .EXE directly onto your machine or phone. It also automatically saves the version you were running with a name that reflects what version (release date/time) it was. That way, if something goes worng, you can just delete the new version, rename the earlier one, and fire it back up.

I might get a periodic automatic check implemented as well which will send you an internal APRS message when a new version is detected prompting you to bring up About to download it.

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