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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Eric Sderman wrote:

I found these messeages:

I was just curious to know what they mean. I understand that my client
reports its version and position to KJ4ERJ in some way which then
sends it over APRS to KJ4ERJ-12.
APRSISCE/32 send a single UDP packet to port 6369 when they first acquire a GPS fix and transmit their first beacon packet. I have a program listening on that port on my home server that sends me the APRS messages that you noticed (originating callsign is KJ4ERJ). Yes, my APRSISCE (KJ4ERJ-12) on my cell phone AND APRSIS32 (KJ4ERJ-AP) both receive messages when any of the clients first acquire a fix. (If you look at their messages on, you'll see all of the above as well as my interactive ones) No fix, no message. I could accomplish the same thing by watching for APWWnn and/or APWMnn as a ToCall, but this was easier. Eventually, this will be removed as client usage gets to the level that I can take it any more, but it gives me some indication of client usage to know if ongoing development is worthwhile The program and version information is plainly visible on the APRS-IS servers to which your client connects. This behavior doesn't divulge any data that is not available via other primary functions of the program.

Also, when running APRSISCE/32 as an IGate with RF (KISS, TEXT, or AGW) ports enabled, every received RF packet is sent via udp to port 3000 on the same server. This allows me to provide you with summary statistics of actual RF reception rather than just reporting on what was first gated into APRS-IS. You can see the data for two of my APRSIS32 IGates at: (HF 30 meters both AX.25 and PSK-63) (VHF IGate on 144.390)

If you are running the client with RF and -IS connections active, you can see your stats by putting your client's callsign in the following URL (replace CALLSIGN-SSID at the end of the string) :

(Now you know why I made tinyurl's for my IGates). I believe I have posted references to this feature earlier on this group.

That's the behavior behind the messages that you noticed. Nothing nepharious going on here. Similar features are on the ToDo list to be built into the client at a future date (look under Cool Features: Alerts on station activity, Station Movement Alarm, and Arrival alarm).

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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