Re: Possible issue with Locked Tracking

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Bummer, I believe you caught one condition I didn't test for! I'll see about getting that fixed before I take my "spring break". Thanks for catching (and reporting) it! Problems that are reported with the steps necessary to reproduce are easy to fix. It's reports like "it did something strange" that are difficult (like the white map screens that I finally fixed in today's release).

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Gary Sanders wrote:

Lynn, there seems to be a small issue with Locked Tracking on aprsisce32.

When you start the program and it was previously in the locked mode, it will display "Awaiting WB0ABC-2" as is should.

If the program is shut down before receiving the station, (in other words, while still displaying "Awaiting WB0ABC-2"), when it is subsequently restarted the bottom of the circle displays "Panning", and will not begin to track the station when a position is received.

The menu item Screen | Tracking | Locked is still checked.

I have aprsisce32 installed on 2 machines, and the same behavior is seen on both.

Gary Sanders

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