Feature from uiview I'd like to see in aprsisce32

Gary Sanders

Lynn, I had posted the following as part of another unrelated message
previously, but it was tucked in toward the bottom of the message and it
was easy to miss, so I thought I'd repeat it here with it's own subject (and a few edits for clarity).........

You had asked in another post what features from uiview people would like to see. One that I use constantly is an add-in for uiview called "Station Movement Alarm". If a received station moves more than "X" (programmable in yards) from it's previous position, a user-selectable sound file is played. I have it play a chime. The user selects which stations to monitor for movement.

I have the distance set to 30 yards. So when the received station is parked, no alert chime sounds. If the next position is more than 30 yards from the last one, the chime sounds. Simple, and unbelievably convenient.

It would be nice if something like this could be optionally added to the
"Locked Tracking" feature.

Gary Sanders

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