Re: Running on Ipaq 514?

Lynn Deffenbaugh

APRSISCE only supports GPSapi-supported (typically internal) GPS
devices. I'm hoping to include NMEA over serial support at some
(indeterminate) point in the future. Sorry about that, but continue
tracking this group and you'll know when it's available.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE

David Andersson wrote:


I have installed your software on my IPAQ 514 device (Windows mobile 6), the software runs and can contact the server to send and receive data. The GPS however is not built in on this device and I'm not able to get my bluethooth version working. How are the GPS handled in your software? Is it internally connected to a serialport or is there another solution?

Kind regards
David - SM3ULU

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