Re: Can't see other stations using RF only through an Internet connection

Lynn Deffenbaugh


First, if you connect to the TT4 in text mode with a terminal emulator, is it decoding and displaying packets?

When you say you've checked and see that you are beaconing, is that the TT4 beaconing, APRSIS32 beaconing via the TT4, or APRSIS32 beaconing directly to the Internet? What -SSID are you doing this testing with?

Finally, if you can do the following and send me the APRSIS32.LOG file, I can see what might be going on.

1) Set up all of the appropriate configurations and enables for the test (APRS-IS disabled, KISS or TEXT configured and Enabled as appropriate)
2) Turn on Enables / Debug Logging
3) Close the client
4) Restart the client
5) Wait a suitable time for things to happen. You can click Transmit once or twice as desired.
6) After beacons should have been received (and apparently were not), Turn off Enables / Debug Logging
7) Close the client
8) Email the APRSIS32.LOG file to Grab a copy BEFORE restarting the client as it will be renamed on each client restart.

Once I get the .LOG file, I'll try to guess what's going on, but with the TT4, the decoding or not decoding is usually the biggest first hurdle.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Craig Leventhal wrote:

If I use APRSIS32 on my laptop connected to the Internet I can see other APRS staions but if I use it offline - Laptop conected to a Byonics TT4 throug a USB adapter and null modem cable, GPS and rig, I don't receive any stations. I verified on that I am beconing, I can use terminal software to connect and configure my TT4, and I've tried changing both APRSIS32 and the TT4 both set for TEXT and KISS mode. The TT4 is set for 19200,n,8,1 and so is APRSIS32. Any suggestions why the APRSSI32 and laptop aren't talking to the TT4?

Thanks in advance and 73

Craig - KI6WLP

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