Re: Minor details.

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Just play around with the SlippyMap browser at with Cycle Map selected on the upper right corner and you'll see why I don't have that as a publicized option. WAY too many chunks of the country that simply disappear into white tiles when you zoom in. Just SW of Winston Salem in the Carolinas as well as the East Coast of Florida just don't seem to exist at the lower levels of Cycle Map.

I also discounted Osmarender due to the density of "stuff" on the map. The APRS stations just got lost in the clutter.

I'll see about providing configuration assistance to switch the tile server and URLs to these various options, but I'll be keeping Mapnik as the default option.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Fred Hillhouse wrote:

> > I remember that now! Cycle map doesn't zoom very close

> Hmm, you can zoom in as close as Mapnik... I don't have tiles rendered
right down to the full zoom in my area. Cycle Map renders tiles as
requested by the users. If no one has asked for the tiles, you'll zoom
in, and see blanks, but give it a bit, and the tiles will be rendered.
Do they get rendered on the fly or is it done through some sort of communication?
This would be a sweet option! That would be my default. There is something about contours that are just plain attractive.

> > and is rather
> > boring in Florida. The hazards of where I live!

> Well, not much I can do about that. Even in my area, there's not a lot
of interesting appeal, but there are areas where I would like to have
the topo information as part of the map. I'd rather have the Cycle Map
as the tiles for use in RadioMobile, as RadioMobile is all about 3D
propagation modelling.
When I lived in Utah I bought every 7min map of the Moab area and several other areas I visited. I have a large collection of paper.

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