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Lynn Deffenbaugh

On the Tracking Menu, no (at least, not yet). If you click on Me in the center of the screen, you should see the checkmark. Also, the bottom of the circle should have an "S".

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Adding one to the ToDo list!

Bradley Haney wrote:

When you click on tracking and tap on me. is it suppose to put a heck mark in front of me? Mine doe not put a check mark in front

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*Date: *Wed, 03 Mar 2010 08:08:14 -0500
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*Subject: *Re: [aprsisce] Re: Anyone using a TNC and have it working?

Looks like I need to bump up the priority of supporting the UI-View
command files for KISS and TEXT mode Interfaces, huh? It'll dovetail
nicely with the effort of generalizing the interfaces in order to
support multiple channels through AGW.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

M1ARF wrote:
See below.

I did realize though, that my TNC is apparently not
communicating with the program. When I enable on the RF
side, I see nothing at all. I'm running text mode, so maybe
I will try KISS to see if that does it. Since I never was
able to get UI-View to run on Win7 either, I'm not sure how
this will turn out. I hope I can solve this problem, because
I want to use APRSIS32 all the time. I guess I will have to
hook the TNC up to the old machine to get it into KISS mode,
and then try it. This com port issue has been aggravating.


Hi Kenny,

I had the same problem, put the TNC into KISS mode first then
connect with APRSIS32.
Likewise use the setup string from UI-Veiw to put the TNC into host
mode then use TEXT mode in APRSIS32.

Good luck,

Derek M1ARF

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