Re: Self awareness feature request for /32

Lynn Deffenbaugh

That's the intent of the Red Dot. Have you all read

The red dot and the circle interact to show how far off and in which direction an outside observer would think you are relative to where your GPS KNOWS you are. When the red dot hits the circle (Configure / Genius / Forecast Error), a new beacon is made provided it has been at least Min Time since the last one.

I'll think about what you all are asking, but currently I believe the red dot is sufficient.

Also, if you want to know if you've been digi'd, just watch the station list to see your callsign show up with a * beside it. If there's a *N, you actually heard N copies of your last position report over RF (just a * means 1).

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

James Ewen wrote:

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 7:49 AM, Fred Hillhouse <> wrote:

An arrow that rotates with direction would be cool! Another thought, a
dot with a line extending in the direction of travel is useful. Extending
to half the distance of the range ring might be reasonable length.
What about a diverging area of ambiguity from the last beaconed
location? Dead reckoning from the last known location, using the last
reported speed and heading gives you a growing triangular area of
uncertainty of where the station might be.

Most clients display the last reported position, and call it good.
Xastir will try dead reckon the possible location of the station.
Watching dead reckoning in action is pretty sweet, especially when the
station in question is using SmartBeaconing, which reports changes in
heading and velocity.

If you want to make a good APRS client, it needs to do dead reckoning.
Having dead reckoning displayed against your last reported position
would be pretty interesting, watching how your true location and
possible location relate.



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