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Man, this is sweet! I feel like an idiot now. This software does so much more than I thought! Thanks Lynn for the help.

I did realize though, that my TNC is apparently not communicating with the program. When I enable on the RF side, I see nothing at all. I'm running text mode, so maybe I will try KISS to see if that does it. Since I never was able to get UI-View to run on Win7 either, I'm not sure how this will turn out. I hope I can solve this problem, because I want to use APRSIS32 all the time. I guess I will have to hook the TNC up to the old machine to get it into KISS mode, and then try it. This com port issue has been aggravating.


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You're going to like this one, I suspect!

kb0npw wrote:
Lynn, I liked having a stations window I could pop up. This allowed me a quick glance showing a total number of stations I was receiving so I could check band conditions. It
Double-click the vertical double-skinny bar on the right edge of the
screen. This shows the stations in use as well as the stations heard via
RF including Direct and Local counts broken out. The extreme right edge
bar double-click will give you the current battery and A/C state. One down.

also allowed me to see distance so I could check the furthest station. I also used the
Sorry, it doesn't show the distance in that popup, but...

"Direct" window a lot, so I could monitor who I was receiving without benefit of a digi.
View / RF / All, Direct, or Local (make sure none of the other View
options are checked). All shows all stations heard "recently" via RF.
Local shows just those that the client considers "Local", and Direct
shows those heard with no used path components. And with the scale
circle, you can approximate the distance that you've been receiving the
displayed stations via RF.

Also, you can send a message to your RF-active client saying "?APRSD" to
get back the list of Direct RF stations and "?APRSL" to get back a list
of stations considered Local. These lists are the same stations that
would be displayed by the View filters.

If I had those capabilities back, I would be thrilled.
Are you thrilled? ;)

I went ahead and deleted UI-View32 since it was throwing fits with Win7. I don't plan on going back. Keep up the good work with this software! It's great!
I do have plans for a station list of some sort, but I'm still trying to
figure out how to show that much information on a small screen. I also
run a copy of APRSIS32 with a full feed which currently has 15,410
stations in it that have all been active in the past hour. UI-View
couldn't even eat a full feed, and APRSIS32 can actually DISPLAY all of
these stations if you make the screen large enough and zoom out far
enough. The twinkle of the stations being updated is pretty neat to
watch (if your eye is quick enough).

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

73 to you, Kenny

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kb0npw wrote:

I am thoroughly impressed with APRSIS32, and I hope it develops into something even better. There are only a handful of features missing that I used in UI-View32. I think I may have made a permanent switch.

Can you give me a short list of the features you miss from UI-View32?
I'm trying to prioritze development to meet the needs/desires of most
UI-View users, and not having used it for more than a month or two
myself, I'm really not aware of what was useful and what wasn't.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ


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