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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Your log file shows that the GPS is not sending any $GPGSV sentences which provide visibility to Satellites in View. That's what draws the bottom bar. I haven't studied the other sentences enough to see why the Fix is coming out No Fix though. That'll have to wait until after work tonight.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Fred Hillhouse wrote:

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Hi Lynn,
There are two bars at the bottom. Both bars are the same length. I am not using automatic for the view. I have a large station list down the left side.
The upper bar says 8 Sat in use, the lower says N/A.
Attached is the recent log file.
Best regards,

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Very interesting. Can you turn on Enables / Debug Logging and let it
run for a while. After that, close the client and send me a copy
of the
APRSIS32.LOG file. There's something apparently coming from your GPS
that I'm not interpreting correctly. Remember to turn off the
Enables /
Debug Logging after the restart or the .LOG files will grow rather

Oh, and do you have TWO bars of satellites at the bottom? The bottom
one is satellites in view and the one above it (usually shorter) is
satellites in use. The count of satellites on each line is on the
edge of the respective bar.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Fred Hillhouse wrote:
> Interesting! I have NO FIX but...
> I have 8 satellites.
> Map is moving.
> The station beacons.
> NMEA data (RMC, GGA, GLL) is on COM6 (PC Card serial port).
> Thanks!
> Fred
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> Broncus wrote:
> > Hi Lynn,
> >
> > Down in the lower right corner I see a "NO FIX" label. I suspect
> I know what it means but I don't think I should be seeing it.
> >
> > Any hints?
> >
> It means that you have GPS enabled and aren't getting a fix. If
> you're
> on Win32 and have configured an NMEA GPS, it may mean that it
> isn't even
> connected. Are you seeing Satellites in the bottom bars (if you have
> them enabled) or does it also say "N/A"? I don't reliably
> re-connected
> with Bluetooth GPS, so you might have to toggle the GPS Enable off
> and
> back on.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
> > Best regards,
> > Fred, N7FMH
> >

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