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Thank you.
I updated to the new version and all is fine now.

(Francisco Guerra - CT1AKV)

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franmargue wrote:
With AGWpe enabled, I understand that '*' after a callsign means that it was heard via a digi, and the number after that "*" the number of digis.
Am I correct?
Almost. The * after the callsign means it was heard over an RF
interface (AGW, KISS, or TEXT). The number after the * indicates how
many copies of the same packet were heard, independent of path or
interface. In other words, if you hear the packet direct and from 2
digis, it will be *3. I've got a ToDo list item (in my head if not on
the list) to add a window to see the actual raw traffic on the various

But, when the callsign has more then 1 digit in the SSID, the rectangle is not wide enough, and you cann't see all the information.
How can you wide the rectangle?
If you download the latest release from last night (2010/03/01), the
scrolling station list widens itself to fit the *n. I noticed the issue
yesterday and corrected it.

You're welcome. Good timing on the request!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

(Francisco Guerra - CT1AKV)


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