Re: Anyone using a TNC and have it working?

Lynn Deffenbaugh


Can you Enable Debug Logging and send me a copy of the APRSIS32.LOG and APRSIS32.XML at The sequence is:

1) Turn on Enables / Debug Logging
2) Close the client
3) Restart the client
4) Wait for a bit during which time stations will show up and the KISS thread should connect
5) Close the client
6) Grab a copy of APRSIS32.LOG and *.XML from the default directory and e-mail it to me.

Repeat the same thing with the TNC in TEXT mode (or KISS if the first one was with TEXT) and APRSIS32 configured appropriately.

Hopefully there'll be something in the .LOG file that will help me figure out what's going on. I've got a ToDo item to make debugging these connections easier, but it hasn't been addressed yet.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

m1arf wrote:

Hi all,

I have just tried to setup a Kamtonics KPC3 TNC on my laptop.
Set Comm port up in Kiss configuration and enabled it (Kiss that is).
TNC does not appear to be talking to APRSIS32, have run Ui-Veiw with same TNC and Comm port all OK. Have run Hyperterminal with same TNC and Comm port all OK.
I have also tried to run the TNC in Text mode but that does not work either.
Has anybody any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Derek M1ARF.


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