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jandgandjochem <vk2jng@...>

Hooray, it worked. I should have noticed those two locations to be changed before but didn't.

Perhaps putting some text in the XML file such as: Here is where you change your coordinates.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help. Great to see it working now.

Hope to contribute with suggestions in the future if I may,

Kind regards,

--- In, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@...> wrote:

You need to edit the <Latitude> and <Longitude> tags that should be
between the <Orientation> and <APRSPort> tags. The other two that you
mentioned are only for restoring various map view later. This would
explain the problem getting your laptop out of Africa.

If that doesn't work, please e-mail me your .XML file and I'll see what
else might be going worng.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

jandgandjochem wrote:
Thanks again for your help.

I still cannot get my laptop to show on the map correctly.

Tried correcting the lattitude and longitude in the XML file as you advised but the laptop symbol keeps staying in west Africa whereas I am in Australia.

Everything else appears to be working fine. All other stations including my 2 TM-d710s are showing correctly on the map.

Guess my next question is: In the XML file should I edit the coordinates under "Center lattitude and Center Logitude" or under Prefered lattitude and Prefered logitude or both?

As said, all else seems to work. I am on the T2Texas status page, can send messages from laptop to 710 and back.

I think we are almost there but not quite yet.

Thanks so much. This program is great to use and I am starting to like it a lot.


Laptop = VK2JNG-10
710 (RV) = VK2JNG-12
710 (Car) = VK2JNG-9

--- In, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@> wrote:

Ok, I do believe you have your coordinates entered wrong and believe
that your own station is not showing up because it's actually somewhere
completely different than where you're looking. Before we make changes,
try zooming way out on the map and see if you see a small laptop icon
over in Africa. If so, click on it and select the Center option, even
if it is already set. That will re-center on you. Zoom on in to a
comfortable level (bear with me on this) being careful not to pan the
map at all. Close the program with that view.

With the program CLOSED, edit the XML file and fix your Lat/Lon
settings. As was pointed out by Colin,. North and East are positive,
South and Wests are negative. According to;call=VK2JNG-10, you are NE implying that both are
positive right now.

2010-02-28 06:51:37 UTC:
for CE

According to VK2JNG-12, you want to be somewhere near 35 15 00 S 149 25
00 E (in dd mm ss format). Using the converter at that tells us that is -35.25
149.41667 in decimal degrees. These are the numbers you need to enter
in the XML configuration file.

Once that is done, restart the client and you should be closer to where
you want to be. If that's not exact, find out what you really want, run
it through the converter, CLOSE the program, edit the numbers, restart
the program and eventually you'll be where you want to be.

I apologize for the obtuseness of this setting, but the program was
originally designed for use as a mobile or ate least with a live GPS.
I've got a ToDo item on my list (see the most recent release notes on
the Yahoo Group) to add a "Set My Coordinate" popup menu option, but I
haven't gotten it done just yet.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

jandgandjochem wrote:

--- In, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@> wrote:

What map are you referring to at this point? VK2JNG-10 shows up fine on The raw packets show some transmissions recently:;call=VK2JNG-10&limit=50

*******It shows up but the location on is totally incorrect. ******

Force just asks the client to beacon a position when it is allowed to.
Do you have a GPS connected to the laptop or are you using a static

*******No GPS as yet. Using static position and edited the XML file.****

My question at the moment is: Should the VK2JNG-10 (Laptop running APRSISCE win32) be showing up on the map in your program??? At the moment it is not.

Read about the APRS OK window at This page also discusses
the text that appears below that describing the beaconing features as
well as the colored bars in that portion of the screen.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

jandgandjochem wrote:

Ok, this is what I got sofar:

1 of 710 in the car being VK2JNG-9
1 of 710 in the Caravan (RV) being VK2JNG-12
1 of APRSISCE Win 32 on my laptop being VK2JNG-10 in the caravan.

When beaconing I can see the 710 in the car (VK2JNG-9) on the map as well as the 710 in the caravan (RV) (VK2JNG-12)

I can send messages to and from all the above three.

I can also see VK2JNG-10 (Laptop) on the T2Texas status page with YES in the 4th column.

However, when I force a TX from the Laptop (VK2JNG-10) I can't see that on the map.

Getting closer by the minute here with your help which is greatly appreciated.


--- In, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@> wrote:

Ok, I think you're real close, but not quite there. I really wish I had
finished my ToDo item of showing port status better...

First, at;call=VK2JNG-12 I'm seeing the first
indication of the problem. Every APRS station must have it's own
-SSID. It's not a good idea to share them and VK2JNG-12 is being used
by your Kenwood directly. You need a different callsign on APRSISCE.

jandgandjochem wrote:

Can't get myself on the map yet??

Have you entered in an APRS-IS password and followed the on-screen
instructions to zoom in on your home location on the first execution?

Yes I have entered my callsign and SSID being VK2JNG-12

VK2JNG-12 has not directly beaconed to APRS-IS yet. I suspect the
password you entered is not correct for your callsign. If you bring up
the "Info" popup by clicking on your station (hopefully in the center of
the screen), it will list the APRS-IS server to which you are connected,
both as a DNS and as an IP address. Use the IP address and point your
browser to http://<That.IP.Address>:14501 (note the colon in there). I
know the client said :14580, but the status page is at :14501. Once you
get the status page, search for your callsign and check what it says in
the "Verified" (4th) column. I suspect it doesn't say "Yes". (BTW,
Ctrl-F is a quick way to Find your callsign on the status page).

If you need an APRS-IS password, e-mail me directly at KJ4ERJ@
and I'll generate one for you.

Trying to use it with my Kenwood 710.

What connection are you using to the 710? Did you configure the correct
COM port and baud rate under Configure / KISS? Is the 710 in KISS mode?

I use the com port on the panel of the 710 (Display unit) and via a RS232 to USB converter made by KeySpan to USB com port 7 on the PC.
This has always worked fine when updating firmware and saving database etc.
Under configure > Kiss I get a window asking for IP/DNS and port.
Have not yet configured anything there.

When you click the KISS button on the Configuration dialog, click NO to
the "TCP/IP Port?" question. That will get you into the serial port
configuration page for the KISS TNC interface. Set it all up as you
need to.

I have configured the com port on the Kenwood Menu 519 to 9600 and in the program under Configure > NMEA I have 9600; COM 7; Parity None; Data 8 and Stop 1.

Does the Kenwood put NMEA GPS data out the serial port? I don't think
so. You need to clear all of the NMEA configuration options since you
probably used the same port that you need to use under KISS. If you
want a GPS, you'll need to provide for another one since I don't think
the Kenwood can share that data with the PC while it is in KISS mode.

Note: I can see other local stations appearing on the screen but not my station. BTW On I appear ok as VK2JNG-12

In the scrolling station list, do those stations have * beside them? If
so, they're coming from the KISS port (doubtful). If not, they're
coming from APRS-IS, which is probably rejecting your beacons without
the proper password.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

Thanks so much for your help.


I'd suggest getting the APRS-IS functions working first and then we can
work on the RF side of things.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

Thanks heaps,



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