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Fred Hillhouse

Hi James,


You make valid points. I only really looked at this software after a response to Stephen about the ability to tile save. So it is new to me as well. Nice slick package so far!


Maybe a sexy name contest is in order. ;)


I found the tile collection is an interesting item. While I don’t use anything else that uses the OSM tiles it is a bone of contention for me. I started using ExpertGPS about 10 years ago. And I have thousands of tiles saved of the topo, aerial and urban variety. I messed around with USAPhotomaps as well. I really didn’t want to dedicate another large portion to the same tile set. I looked at TopoFusion as well. That was the end of that; another tile collection. I stuck with E-GPS. I can’t say I went wrong, it is a great package.


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Thanks for creating what sounds like it might just become the top APRS
client in the future. We've had a progression of APRS applications
over the years, with each one moving the bar higher and higher. Having
an author responsive to the needs and desires of the users is a major
factor in developing a great application.

Now... onto the nitty gritty bits.

Right off the top, have you thought about renaming the program?
Obviously the name reflects the origins of the program, but it looks
to be headed to be much more than that.

I finally had a look at the program just over a week ago... I hadn't
looked before because of the name, assuming it was for Windows Mobile
devices only. I'd suggest not only dropping the CE portion, but also
the APRSIS portion. The APRS-IS name is the Internet Service portion
of the APRS network. This client appears to be moving beyond that, and
encompassing the RF portion as well. Perhaps a new less limiting name
might be in order... a really sexy or cool name for the application
never hurt.

Can you make it so that the large compass face can be a user
selectable display element? I would like to get rid of the big grey
circle and NESW labels on my screen.

I love the fact that you use the OSM map in this application. I've
been helping that project for a couple years now. It is great that
anyone can add detail to the OSM map. Any missing data can easily be
added, and immediately becomes available worldwide! One issue that I
have however is the way that the tiles are saved to the hard drive.

I use a program called RadioMobile that also uses the OSM tiles for
creating a background map. RadioMobile saves the tiles in almost the
exact same way as APRSIS32, but with just a slight naming difference.
APRSIS32 uses a file structure such as OSM12/748/1334.png whereas
RadioMobile saves the exact same tile under the file structure

It would be very desirable to share the tiles across multiple
platforms, rather than have duplicate tiles saved for each
application. I don't know if there's an "official" file naming
structure defined for saving OSM tiles, but if it was possible to
override the naming structure to allow the two programs to match up,
it would be great. All I would need to be able to do, is to have the
OSMXX structure changed to just XX where XX is the zoom level.


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