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Gary Sanders

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh wrote:
Gary Sanders wrote:
Finally, if you Center on another station, the client automatically builds a Friend filter using the same Range number as the circle
around that centered station. The APRS-IS seems to be semi-sticky on
the friend filter. Once you center on a station, you seem to continue
getting the range around that station even after the client has
removed the friend filter from the active filter string.
I believe this is what I'm seeing. I reset the XML file to point to the
default servers (as opposed to my uiview server) and played with it some
more this morning. If I didn't move to a different location, the
positions received were all from the area of the centered station. As
soon as I moved to a different location, I started receiving stations
from the new location. I also continued to receive stations from the
former location. When I moved to a third location, I received the new
location's stations, PLUS the previous two locations. After moving to
seven or eight locations around the country, the data stream was pretty

I'm using this on Win7 at home, and the data consumption isn't a major
issue, but if I were using it on a smart phone with a restrictive data
plan (as most are in one form or another) I'd be concerned about the
bandwidth consumed. Within the APRS server network is there a method to
force a server to feed data matching only the most recent filter
setting, without the carryover of data from previous settings?

I noticed that if I stopped and restarted the program, the data received
matched only the current filter setting. Does this imply that a
disconnection from the server, then a reconnection would reset the
filter setting? If so, would it be worthwhile to do that
programmatically after a user induced move of X distance? I suppose the effort to "fix" it would have to be weighed against the results obtained , considering that probably most people wouldn't be jumping around viewing one location after another as I do on occasion, but rather looking at their local area.

APRSISCE would be perfect for me if it did two things that I can't
seem to make it do now:
1) Optionally default to Tracking Enabled upon startup.
This is automatic. I assume you're referring to keeping the screen centered on your own station when you're mobile and running with a
live GPS?
No, I'm actually referring to being able to auto-track my TT3-equipped
car upon startup, rather than the Win7 laptop running the aprsisce. Addressed below.

2) Optionally default to tracking a specific call upon startup.
Good idea. I've wanted that one a few times myself. I just added it
to the list. Be aware, however, that when you restart the client, the
screen will come up to where you last left it and will not move to center on the new station until a new position report is heard.
Thanks much for adding it to the list. I think this would make the program perfect for my needs.

Gary Sanders

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