New User with a couple of comments.....

Gary Sanders

I got the program running last night using Windows 7, and I suspect that this could easily become my favorite APRS application on Windows.

I'm using it for monitoring only, so I don't have a password entered. (I see that it defaults to -1 in that case, which is fine.) I put in a filter string "f/wb0bzr-12/200" to limit the amount of received data to 200 km surrounding my TT4, and it worked fine for a half hour or so, than it suddenly reverted to what appeared to be an unfiltered feed - I was receiving posits from all over the U.S. If I restarted it, it appeared to do the same thing - filtered for a while, then unfiltered reception.

I also use Uiview-32, which is set up to use a similar filter string, so I just set uiview to act as a server, and pointed to it with APRSISCE, which took care of limiting the quantity of received data. As a side benefit, since Uiview is also connected to a TNC and radio at home as well as the 'net, I can see stations directly via rf on APRSISCE.

I spent most of last night reading all ~450 messages in the archive until I was cross eyed :). I see that your TO DO list is pretty long, but maybe you could humor me, and consider a couple of thoughts.....

APRSISCE would be perfect for me if it did two things that I can't seem to make it do now:

1) Optionally default to Tracking Enabled upon startup.

2) Optionally default to tracking a specific call upon startup.

Unless I'm not using the program correctly, the state of Tracking isn't saved at shutdown, nor is the tracking of a specific call (or, to be more accurate, the centering on a tracked call). I do realize that the friends list filter string is saved, but you must wait for the call to go by on the scrolling list and then select it in order to keep it centered.

The reason I'd like to have these optional defaults is so my wife could just start the application on her laptop and be able to see where the car is the next time it sends a position without her having to do anything else. (Getting her to wait for a call to scroll by and select it isn't high on the WAF :) ).

I sort-of do this now with Uiview-32 and Precision Maps, but if you've ever used the Precision Maps interface with Uiview, you know why I like you program so much!

I fully understand that I may simply be using the program incorrectly, and it can do all of the above already. If so, I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know the error of my ways.


Gary Sanders

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