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Hi all,
Just downloaded the latest version of APRSIS (32) and tunning it under Vista Home premium.
Greetings, and welcome to APRSIS32!

All seems ok but I have not much of an idea yet of what to do.

Is there a help file somewhere so that I can read up on.
Not yet. The only description is in the .TXT file that is in the files
section of the Yahoo group and (I think) was e-mailed to you when you
joined the group.

Can't get myself on the map yet??
Have you entered in an APRS-IS password and followed the on-screen
instructions to zoom in on your home location on the first execution?
Yes I have entered my callsign and SSID being VK2JNG-12

What does the program say in the top center or top left. It should say
"APRS OK". What -SSID did you configure into the program.
Yes, the program says APRS OK and the time countdown plus 2 green bars

Trying to use it with my Kenwood 710.
What connection are you using to the 710? Did you configure the correct
COM port and baud rate under Configure / KISS? Is the 710 in KISS mode?
I use the com port on the panel of the 710 (Display unit) and via a RS232 to USB converter made by KeySpan to USB com port 7 on the PC.
This has always worked fine when updating firmware and saving database etc.
Under configure > Kiss I get a window asking for IP/DNS and port.
Have not yet configured anything there.

I have configured the com port on the Kenwood Menu 519 to 9600 and in the program under Configure > NMEA I have 9600; COM 7; Parity None; Data 8 and Stop 1.

Note: I can see other local stations appearing on the screen but not my station. BTW On I appear ok as VK2JNG-12

Thanks so much for your help.


I'd suggest getting the APRS-IS functions working first and then we can
work on the RF side of things.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

Thanks heaps,



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