Re: locked on GPS location option

Lynn Deffenbaugh

There are three different map modes that are not currently well indicated.

1) Dragged and the user is in control. The map will only move when you move it. This mode is entered automatically any time you drag the map somewhere, on purpose or inadvertently.

2) Centering on a station. This is done when you select Center from the popup menu of a station. In Win32, you can also right-click on a station to enter this mode. Of course, just because Center is checked, if you're in mode 1, the map won't move.

3) Centering on self. This is done by double-clicking the GPS Heading, which, unfortunately in the current release isn't there any more unless the GPS is configured and Enabled. I believe you can also get to this mode by unchecking the Center checkmark of whatever you're centering on now. I'v GOT to get some visual indication or at least a menu option to get this accomplished.

Double-clicking on the GPS heading (which may not be there any more) does the following in sequence:

1) If in dragged map mode, recenter and follow the centered station.

2) If centered on a station that isn't me, center and follow Me.

3) There is no third...

Also, double-clicking the map scale will return the map to the Preferred View if you've saved one. This will also put you into mode 1 as if you had dragged the map to that position.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Feeling a real quick release coming on for this one!

Broncus wrote:

Hi Lynn,

I see you have large To Do list. How about another item? ;)

Is it possible to add a feature to keep a map center on the location sent by a GPS?

I did notice if I click on the moving icon I can center but the screen does not move to keep the icon centered. There is a checkmark next to "Center".


Best regards,


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