2010/02/22 Released!

Lynn Deffenbaugh


Yes, there's another new release out there. It adds NMEA GPS support on Windows Mobile and corrects the bitmap caching resource consumption bug that I mentioned the other day. There's more stuff in it, but those are the most important.

For those of you that have put copies of the distribution on other servers, please update them ASAP. The Windows Mobile bust is pretty ugly and I'd like everyone to have a chance to get the newest release.

Also, if you're interested in my ToDo list, I've fleshed it out rather substantially and included it in the Release Notes text file in the Yahoo Group Files section. I get tired just looking at it!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Watching for the new version to start popping on the map!

Here's what's new in the APRSISCE6P100222.zip and APRSIS32100222.zip

NMEA serial (BlueTooth) GPS support for Windows Mobile - It now honors the port configuration of GPS! - Restart required after changing configuration.

Fixed resource exhaustion program on Windows Mobile caused by increased size of Bitmap cache (completely blank screen)

Fixed 180x90 coordinat causing blank map display if you drag too far north or south

Dynamically adjust width of station and message panes for widest seen callsign. This should fix issue reported by James Keep VE2KHC back on 9/30/2009!

CSV tracks in GPS-enabled Win32 version {Francisco Guerra CT1AKV) (They'll be in your default directory)

Split ?APRSD and ?APRSL lists into multiple messages - Also sorted the callsign list!

Plot current (most recent) battery status on Win32 screen when telemetry is sent (also updates when double-clicked)

TEXT mode TNC support for use with APRS Messenger (PSK-63 on 30m)

Waded through recnt APRSISCE e-mails and expanded the ToDo List! See the results below...

Disable non-configured Enable Toggles (requires restart after configuration)

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