Re: New Phone

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Great to know there's another phone that works! I'm glad you remembered
the left/right arrow keys and managed to find them on the soft keyboard.

Do you happen to know what the screen resolution is on the new phone?
And how big the screen actually is (inches or cm)?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Gil wrote:

I had APRSISCE working nicely on a Verizon Samsung Omnia phone. It had a little button you could use to navigate around which worked perfectly for zooming and changing the density of the map.

I decided to upgrade to the Omnia II. No button. Plus, although I remembered how to deal with the zoom on the screen, I couldn't remember how to change the density without that nice button. I finally found a message with the left/right arrow instructions and it came back to me. But where would I find arrow keys?

It turns out that one of the "symbol" screens for the on-screen keyboard has, among other things, the up, down, left, and right arrows on it. You just have to step through the other screens to get to it (naturally, it's the last one...).

Everything else about APRSISCE seems to work nicely. I'm a happy camper again (thank you, Lynn!). As I become more accustomed to the new phone, I'm finding more reasons why I like it. The "Swype" text entry feature is quite efficient.

I thought I'd pass this along just in case anyone else gets this phone...

By the way, the GPS receiver in this new phone is quite a bit faster on initial acquisition of its position compared to the original model (which was originally hamstrung to limit the use of the GPS only to Verizon's subscription location service - which I refused to pay for - but enough customers complained that eventually they relented and came out with a firmware upgrade that unlocked it). I presume it still gobbles batteries (that's what charging cords are for), but at least you don't have to wait so long for it to smarten up.

Gil, WB2UTI(-10)

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