Re: Revenge of the pop-ups

Lynn Deffenbaugh

g4ilo wrote:
I took APRSISCE into the hills again and got this annoying message that pops up all the time saying that the "remote modem disconnected" or something like that. I noticed that the data icon had an X against it so I assume that it occurs because data coverage disappears when you are in some remote locations.

The trouble with this message is that it won't go away. As fast as you dismiss it it appears again, so you can't even change any settings or close the application. Is it possible that APRSISCE could detect when the data connection is lost and suspend the APRS-IS connection for a period, instead of keep on trying to send data which I presume is the cause of this death by pop-up messages?

Julian, G4ILO
First, I'll need to know the exact text of the popup because the one you quoted above doesn't come from my client. In fact, the client is supposed to gracefully live with a lack of data connection. It should not be popping anything up when the connection comes or goes. It may hang for a while when it tries to connect in the absence of a data connection (on my ToDo to fix), but it doesn't do any popups that I'm aware of.

However, having said this, the client DOES ask Windows Mobile to keep the data connection alive. It is always possible that Windows Mobile, in conjunction with your carrier is doing some sort of error message whenever something goes awry. I know that every now and then AT&T seems to "forget" the access password for the data connection and it will insist on prompting me for it until I answer it. That's not a function of my client, but Windows Mobile.

Any chance you can go for another hike and see what the error message actually said?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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