Re: how do you center the map on your location?

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Kieran D wrote:
how do you center on your position? I tried tapping all over the screen. Are there any other things you can tap on besides + and - for zoom? Great program. Works on my touch pro 2. A bit slow in response to menus.
To center on your own position, double-click the heading pane TWICE. The first time, the client will center on whatever station you're tracking, which may or may not be you. The second time, it changes the tracking station to you and also centers on it. Any time you drag the screen around, the client will lock on that view until you restore the tracking station to center with one or two double-clicks on the heading.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. The heading pane is either below or beside the large speed window. If you have a GPS enabled, it will show a compass heading. With the GPS disabled, it will show three dashes.

PPS. Double-clicking on the scale factor (below the +/- bar) will restore the "preferred" view if you have one set.

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