Re: APRSISCE Compatible Devices?



My GPS was fairly easy to do.
With the GPS powered up, I poked around all the components pads with an oscilloscope until I found a repetitive, 'RS232' looking signal, then wired it up to a buffer or inverter/buffer and fed it to hyperterminal. When you get the right speed, and the right pad, you see NMEA appear in Hyperterminal.

I have another USB GPS, a BU353, but while I have found several 'RS232' looking signals in that one, none of them make anything appear in hyperterminal, inverted or non-inverted.

Oh well, win some, lose some...


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Julian, G4ILO

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Also, I have a Garmin Streetpilot I3 that is very small. It would be perfect for recieve. But it is USB. I opened it up and looks like there may be serial output before the USB. Has anyone modified one of these or similar?

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