Re: Using latest ver. of APRSISCE on HTC P3300 Mobile phone


Hi Lynn

Thanks for the update.

I have just now installed the latest file, replaced old one with the new one.

In the morning when I drive to work.. on the way I will test it, will let you know my findings incase of any observations.

However, like I said I enjoy your APRS software on my windows mobile phone.. it has brought me onto the APRS world map.

Best part is one can get active without being dependent on any digipeaters or I-Gates in the city.

Keep us posted with your future enhancements.


Karan, VU2YEP
New Delhi, INDIA

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vu2yep wrote:
I would like to take this opportunity thank you for getting this useful software in place for the Ham community. I am overall very happy with th the results of the software and have been using it for over a month or so.
Thanks for the comments. I'm glad others beyond myself are getting use
out of my efforts.

I installed the latest version of APRSISCE on my mobile phone, overall its working ok for me, yet to explore the the additional features added.
Actually, given your comments below, I suspect you don't have the latest
latest version. I did three releases in three days to fix some of these
issues. If you do an About, it should say "Built: 2010/02/12 14:51".
If your's is earlier than that, head on back to the Yahoo group to get
the latest.

1. The car's icon, if I set it to be in the center, its not staying in the center after the current map screen's distance is covered by the car or car icon.. the car moves out of the circle ( circle in which we see the map) and I have to manually drag the map to see where the car icon is. In the prvious version it was staying in the middle of the circle and just the map was getting refereshed. I have kept in mind the appropirate zoom levels as well. The red dot also not moving ahead of the car icon ulike earlier version. ( like showing the path).
This happens in the newer versions if you drag the map, intentionally or
not, off the center. If you double-click on the Heading panel (the one
that shows your current direction, below or beside the large speed
panel), it will first move you back to center the station you're
tracking, if it isn't you. If you double-click it again, it will change
back to tracking yourself and also re-center yourself and resume moving
the screen when you move.

In one of the recent releases, I decreased the sensitivity to
inadvertant screen drags, but it is still fairly easy to accidentally
move the map off center which results in a frozen map with your station
moving across it. When that happens, the red dot is also also
suppressed as it would no longer be moving relative to your station as
it should.

I hope to provide some visual indication and easier way to know/change
what station is being tracked and bring the tracked station back to the
center in some future revision, as soon as I can figure out what would
make sense visually.

2. When I am sending a text message to another APRS station, I believe as soon as the message is deliverd, I am getting a 'redundent something something' acknowledgement type of notificiation. The messages are coming and going all ok though.
The redundant acknowledgement popup was removed in the latest release.
It occurs when you send a message to a station that has multiple paths
into the APRS (RF and -IS) network. However, if you're getting a
message about a "Pirated ack", that's a different case and I'll need to
know more details about what it says and the station(s) involved to
explain it.

Would appreciate if you can let me know the next steps on the above two observerations and how to rectify them.
In summary: Double-click the heading panel twice to restore center
tracking to "Me". Upgrade to the 2/12 release to remove redundant acks.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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