Re: Send Message by RF?

Greg D

Hi Erwin,

I guess I'm not surprised that SMS might be a problem, given the gateway is in the US (so international messaging could be a factor), but email should work.  You do not need to use an alias for email, though doing so does give more space for your message text.  I did a presentation on APRS to our club a few years ago and it includes some examples using the D74.  See starting around the 12 minute mark.

Note that the APRS system needs to know where you are in, order for messages to get exchanged.  Be sure to beacon your location before doing any messaging, or the acks and replies may not make it back to you.

Hope this helps,

Greg  KO6TH

Erwin OE1EKG wrote:

Hi Greg,

tks for the detailed explanation. I have a TH-D74 too and successful send an receive messages via APRS - and it runs great. It‘s a pity that most of the people use APRS for position data transmitting. 

I was not able to send SMS (format in international writing - ie for Austria 0043 number?) or email (how to use the necessary shortcuts and how to create them) with my TH-D74. The hints on both websites you wrote are not clear concerning the syntax - can‘t get it to run. 

Any hints for me?

73 de Erwin, OE1EKG 

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