Weather Server status

Peter K4VBX

I have suddenly lost the NWS Warning feed to Igate onto RF in the local area for NWS Wakefield office (AKQ). The last warnings were received on April 26, and two days since we have experienced severe weather with the commensurate Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Flash Flood. Is there a way to verify the status of the AE5PL server, which seemed to be the source of the alerts for APRS-IS? Alternatively, did something else happen when I added Shape files to my running application of APRSIS/32... I can't imagine that would impact the receipt of weather warning packets to gate from IS to RF.

I have been using the filter "p/AKQ". I added an adjacent warning area to test if the issue is specific to the Wakefield office. I appended a filter "p/RAH" which has also not received any hits with active warnings in the Raleigh region.

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